Frequently Asked Questions

Are custom orthotics covered under 3rd party insurance?

Yes.  Custom orthotics are included in many different 3rd party insurance plans.  It is best to call your insurance company before making an appointment and ask the following questions:

1) Do I have coverage for custom orthotics?

2) Do I need a prescription from a doctor or nurse practitioner?

3) Can a Canadian Certified Pedorthist DISPENSE my custom orthotics?

Many times, insurance companies will cover custom orthotics dispensed by a pedorthist, when prescribed by a doctor.  Pedorthists work closely with your physician during the entire treatment process and we can facilitate the referral process for you.

Do you provide a biomechanical and gait analysis?

Yes.  Once you come to pick up your orthotics, you will receive the following to send off to your insurance company for reimbursement:

 1) A thorough biomechanical and gait analysis

2) Casting technique and a list of raw materials used to fabricate orthotics

3) Receipt paid in full, with pick up date 

Do I have to pay for adjustments?

No.  Within the first year, any adjustments are included in the price of the custom orthotics.  After a year, there are some charges for adjustments depending on what is required.

How long does it take to get my custom orthotics?

Custom orthotics can be dispensed with in a week or less of assessment date!  All custom orthotics are hand made by myself, and therefore can be dispensed fairly quickly.