Owner / Pedorthist

Beth Greenly

Canadian Certified Pedorthist, C. Ped (C)


Hello everyone, and welcome to my website!  My name is Beth Greenly and I am a Canadian Certified Pedorthist.  I have specialized training in custom orthotics, custom and over the counter bracing, modified footwear, compression socks and much more!  I have worked and completed training in pedorthic clinics in British Columbia, Oshawa and Peterborough focusing on fabricating and dispensing custom orthotics and am very excited to move my expertise and knowledge to the Brighton, Trenton and soon Cobourg areas!  I have had experience treating patients ranging from less than a year old, to 100 years old!  

When patients arrive for an appointment, a detailed history is taken followed by a biomechanical and gait analysis.  This means I take a look at the range of motion and the joints within the foot while seated and standing, as well as watching you walk to help determine which features your custom orthotics will need to best suit you!  Once the assessment is done, we discuss the custom orthotics that I would like to design for you and then a 3-Dimensional mold is taken of your feet while I hold and maintain the desired position of your foot to create a perfect mold.  

Once the impression of the feet have been taken, I then take it back to the lab where I pour a plaster into the mold to create an exact replica of the foot.  I then clean the positive cast replica, so it’s nice and smooth, and then heat molds the desired materials around the foot.  I then take the materials to a grinder and shape the orthotics to the desired shape based off of the specific patient’s needs.  All orthotics are hand made from scratch by myself, and not sent off to a fabrication lab.  I am the only practitioner who handles your orthotics from start to finish, ensuring a truly customized product.  

Orthotics are then dispensed within a week or less (depending on location) of the original assessment date, and a follow up appointment is always booked to ensure you are satisfied with your custom orthotics.  Any and all adjustments are free within the first year.

I'm excited to meet new patients and help them put their best foot forward!